One of the reasons Ilene King founder, Laurie King, started the brand was because accessories are her favorite element of fashion. An oversized ring and a big chunky necklace are among the things she appreciates most. We believe that a statement piece really elevates an outfit so we set out to create quality, unique pieces that last a lifetime and are always fashionable.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a unique piece of jewelry that will go out of fashion. That’s why we make our statement pieces classic and simple so they never go out of style. We stick to gold, silver, and black leather and veer toward clean lines with a geometric feel and a little edge.

This spring, statement earrings are all the rage. According to StyleCaster, ‘Statement earrings are making a major comeback — but think sculptural styles and solo danglers rather than the glitzy chandeliers of years past.’ We can’t help but think of the Long Geo Earrings, Large Oval Earrings, Positive and Negative Earrings, Rectangular 3D Earrings, Spike Earrings, and the Triangle and Chains Earrings part of the Ilene King collection.

After doing a little research from our friends at Pure Wow, and experimenting ourselves, here are our favorite tips on wearing statement earrings:

  1. Keep other jewelry to a minimum. The last thing you want is to be adorned with 27 statement pieces. When it comes to statement earrings, you can go without a necklace or go with something dainty and small. We want the earrings to be the star of the show. A statement ring is okay in our book, but choose something clean that doesn’t compete with the earrings.
  2. Go for both day and night. Some people are under the impression that statement earrings are just for evenings or date nights out, but there is a way to rock them at work. We like to stick to gold, silver, brass, and black especially if you’re a statement earring rookie. That way they can be a more subtle accent and you don’t feel like you’ve overdone it.
  3. Throw your hair back. A great way to show off your earrings is to play around with your hair style. Even a half up, half down look can accent the earrings more. We love rocking a pony tail too especially with some of our pieces that have more movement so they can dance with your pony tail.
  4. Make them pop with solid colors. A great rule of thumb for wearing statement earrings is to keep your top simple. We recommend a solid color top in any color paired with an earring so they have a chance to be the center of attention. Another option is a striped t-shirt or shirt dress. We love stripes paired with an earring with a clean like like the Long Geo Earrings.

To make a statement, shop our jewelry collection. Oh! And don’t forget to receive 10% off here.