This winter it’s all about being bold! Which, we know should be an easy task for all of you. If you’ve read your September issue of Vogue, you will have seen that the runways are filled with bright colors, oversized streetwear, and puffy volume.

You don’t necessarily need to follow all these trends of course. It’s much more fun to embrace your own style. But you can at least feel awesome knowing you’re on trend with the bolder accessory choices you make this season.

Ways to Go Bold This Winter

Gemma Bag

You can embrace the trends this winter by choosing statement pieces and unique designs. For example, you can reach for the Josephine Round Tote to stand out from the crowd. Or, add some subtle volume to your look with the Gemma Pleated Bag or Easy Rider Shoulder Bag.

go bold this winter

For a more subtle, yet still vibrant, style choice, you can also choose to accessorize with something that literally says “pow!” or opt for the Icon Statement Cuff.


You can also add some interest to your outfit with the unique lines and bold accents of the Fiera Triangle Clutch in stone and snake print.

Hopefully this has helped serve as your daily dose of fashion inspiration. Now, we’re excited to see how you choose to go bold this winter. Let us know in the comments what you’re planning. Even better, share an outfit picture to show off your look.