Accessorizing is all about adding interest to an outfit without taking away from it. Here are a few tips on how to accessorize like a pro.


Each piece should add value to your overall look and not take away from it. Coco Chanel famously said: “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” This is timeless advice. It’s hard when you love a piece of jewelry or when it has sentimental value, to not want to wear it every day with every outfit but restraint is a must. Although, we don’t want to steer you away from being playful and bold with your accessories, we’re just saying to accessorize like a pro you must take the entire look into account.


accessorize like a pro

While you may love the look of those giant hoop earrings they could be too big for your body frame. Or, those feathers are beautiful but they may not be the right length for your face. What you want to remember is that accessorizing is about controlling where the eye goes. You don’t want to divert away from you. You are the star after all. Don’t let your layers of necklaces overpower you. If you do wear a powerful piece of jewelry you should consider another accessory to balance it out. For example, we love statement earrings, but to properly pull these off it would be a good idea to pair with bangles or a wide cuff.


accessorize like a pro

To accessorize like a pro make sure the jewelry you wear complements not only your outfit but your skin tone. With so many beautiful metals, gemstones, and other materials to choose from, finding the right colors shouldn’t be a problem. Try different things and see what works. Perhaps amethyst is where it’s at for you, or maybe emerald makes your eyes pop.

Occasion Appropriate

Things to consider when considering the appropriateness of your jewelry: is the shimmer a good distraction or a bad distraction. Are you out on the town and want your jewelry to catch someone’s eye, or are you giving a presentation at work and want people to pay attention to you rather than be distracted by your shimmering ears.


accessorize like a pro

The days of matching jewelry are long behind us. Too much matchy-matchy makes for less versatility. You want to be able to wear each item with a variety of outfits. The central idea behind accessorizing is to add additional interest to an outfit. accessorize like a pro, don’t dumb it down with monotony. Also, really loud pieces have their limitations, so for the most part you will want to go for visual interesting rather than noisy.