It’s officially June, which means our summer wardrobe is out in full force! Today we’re rounding up some of our favorite summer fashion trends and pairing them with the Ilene King handbag we think is the perfect accent.

We hope this post inspires you to rock something hot this summer as well as gives you ideas to round out an outfit with one of our timeless statement handbags.

Peek-a-boo Dresses

We love the subtle cut outs that make the perfect peek-a-boo. We think this style pairs nicely with the Annora Tote. The clean lines have a similar pattern to the dresses.


Leather Dresses

The sexy, sleek feel of a leather dress needs a bag to meet it where it’s at. That’s why the Fiera Triangle Clutch is the perfect pair — sleek, unique, and sexy.


Cropped Tops

A little midriff never hurt… the boho style of most crop tops has us loving it paired with the Maisie Fringe Crossbody.


Mustard Yellow

The power statement of this color makes it a perfect pair for a strong black bag. We love it paired with the pleats on the Gemma Pleated Bag.


Off the Shoulder Tops

The sweet, innocent vibe of the off the shoulder tops has us craving something simple and sweet like the Pixie Clutch.



With the business of these florals, you need something clean and simple which is why the Josephine Round Tote (temp out of stock, stay tuned!) makes the perfect match.




When we think Khaki, we think TOTE. Try anything khaki with the black Camillo Fringe Tote.



The playful yet sophisticated vibe of gingham makes it a great match for the Brixton Crossbody & Clutch — it’s loose, airy, and oversized like most gingham tops. The perfect accent!


Deconstructed Shirts

The unstructured yet clean lines of these blouses makes it a perfect pair for the playfulness of TASSELS! We recommend the Shin Wallet Clutch, which also has a clean yet rugged feel with the snake skin.


Happy {almost} summer! Now you’re up to speed on summer’s hottest fashion trends, plus you have the perfect Ilene King accessory to compliment your style.

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