When you buy a new accessory, we know you want to show it off. I mean, what’s more fun than carefully packing your new handbag or securing the clasp on a pair of statement earrings before grabbing your heels and heading out for a date or girl’s night?

If you’re in London, shopping at Just Natalie or Pret a Mode, we have a bunch of ideas for where you can show off your new look.

6 Places Worthy of Getting All Dressed Up for in London

Aqua Shard
Head down to Aqua shard and enjoy the opportunity to dress up a little! Make a reservation for Friday night dinner and you’ll be greeted by a huge wine list and innovative, contemporary British cuisine. The real treat will be the view though. That alone will make you glad you took the time to choose your outfit carefully. That, and the hostess may turn you away if you opt for flip flips or sport shoes.

Put on some statement earrings and a crossbody to go dancing at Mayfair’s Berkeley Square. There is a definite classy vibe here and you’ll have tons of fun dancing with your friends.

The Wolseley
Grab a bag in a light shade for a beautiful breakfast in Piccadilly. Book the private dining room for a place all to yourself or enjoy the larger dining room and order Viennoiserie or a full English breakfast with your girlfriends.

The Roof Gardens:
If you want to go all out, go to the Roof Gardens! This is London’s only private rooftop garden so it’s definitely an occasion to dress up for. Go dancing, eat BBQ, and enjoy the night!

Clos Maggiore
Clos Maggiore is a peaceful French retreat right in the center of London. Plus, it’s been voted “World’s Most Romantic Restaurant.” Wow. Now, that’s a reason to get dressed up! If you can make a reservation, you can look forward to locally sourced ingredients and an interior that’s been inspired by the Inns of Provence and Tuscany. The restaurant will be warm and intimate with a cherry blossomed adorned conservatory. Of course, take advantage of their renowned wine cellar while you’re there.

Montezuma is an Aztec-themes bar with eclectic cocktails. Need we say more? Head down to South Kensington and dance to their awesome playlist with your friends until 3:00 a.m.

Our Picks for What to Wear

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a reason to get dressed up. Everyday clothing and accessories can get old real fast. To help give you a reason, here are a few of our top pick for how to make your outfit stand out and be as individualistic as you are.

  1. Moon Phase Earrings
    Moon Phases Earrings
  2. Brixton Crossbody Clutch
    Brixton Crossbody Clutch
  3. Fiera Triangle Clutch
    Fiera Triangle Clutch
  4. Long Geo Earrings
    Long Geo Earrings


Tell us, where will be dressing up this weekend? We would love to know in the comments!