Inspiration…I get asked a lot about what inspires me and how I come up with the designs for Ilene King. I find this question difficult to answer.

I think most designers would agree that they are inspired by all things and sometimes they’re not sure specifically where an idea comes from because it involuntarily bubbles up from the depths of our subconscious while others pop into our heads instantly after seeing something that sparks an idea.

When I went to school for interior design, I remember the first thing I was told was that there are no new ideas, only re-interpretations. This has always been evident to me through my creative process as I feel one of my strengths is seeing something for what it could be and not for what it is.

Now that I have a handbag and jewelry line, my two favorite things from which to draw inspiration are futuristic fashion and architecture. The pleats of fabric on a garment, an avant-garde headpiece worn on the runway, or a pair of platform shoes in an editorial, all can inspire aspects of a handbag design. The same is true for architecture, whether it’s the overall lines of a concept building or a specific window detail found on an 18th century home, those details can be re-interpreted into, let’s say, a pair of earrings or a necklace.

With that said, it’s called the creative process for a reason! It doesn’t always happen instantly. Sometimes ideas have to marinate and then be edited down to what’s actually worthy of being part of the Ilene King collection.

So, whether you prefer a clutch with tassels or an oversized cuff bracelet, I want the pieces to bring out the kid in you who loved to play dress up!  Accessories are meant to be fun, to add the final touches to an outfit, and to make the girl wearing them feel pretty.

I design for the girl who still has that sense of adventure in everything she does, who wants to follow her own fashion rules, and who feels that it’s better to make a statement than to blend in.

If that’s you then welcome to the Ilene King Community #ikstargirl!