Alright, after tons of work we have a little early Christmas gift for all of you. If you couldn’t tell already, we have some new bag styles that will be coming to the site soon!

As always, we’re happy to share what we’ve been working on. So, without making you wait anymore, check out some of the new designs we have in store for you!

new bag styles

It’s our goal to make sure that you can get a bit of luxury mixed with some rock and roll. It’s because we consider it our job to make sure you always look a bit badass! So, we know you’ll enjoy these leather bags, each with their own little flair – whether that’s some fringe, leather ruching, or bold lines.

Also, we want to give a big thank you to our models and the team that was able to help us pull off these great photos. You all rock!

So now we have a question. Where will you wear these new designs? Let us know in the comments and make sure to check back soon to scoop up these bags before they’re gone!