You’ve likely heard the popular rock song ‘Bad to the bone.’ When we set out to share a little about our bone-colored handbags with you, we couldn’t help but have that song on repeat in our heads. Catchy, isn’t it?

So, why did we choose the color bone as one of the staples in our handbag collection?

Well, aside from loving it, we intend to create products that are different and unique that you can’t find many other places.

You might notice that bone gets a lot of mileage when it comes to interior design, but you don’t see it as often when it comes to accessories. This shade of white is sometimes tricky to pull off. But, we love a good challenge! And we aim to ensure you stand out and have people say to you, ‘Where did you get that bag!?’ We think the line of bags in the color bone do just that.

The idea for integrating a ‘bone’ color into the collection all started with founder, Laurie King’s, love of the color gray. She imaged the color white and the color gray having a couple of bottles of wine together, maybe going out dancing, getting along really well, and then creating the lovely bone color together (which clearly has hints of white and gray).

Speaking of interior design, if you’ve ever tried to pick a white-ish color for the crown or base molding in your house, you’ll know that shades of white are often hard to work with. Have you ever stared at paint swatches on your wall for far too long? They can have tones of pink, yellow, brown, gray…the lists goes on.

We chose this particular bone color because it has a slight warmth to it. As you can tell, it’s not a stark white and it’s not a yellowy cream, but there is just a hint of… (Laurie’s favorite!). You guessed it… gray. That’s why the snake print on the Shin Wallet Clutch and the Pixie Clutch compliments the undertones in the bone leather nicely.

The snake print comes from Italy and is printed on leather hide. We think it pairs well with the black and the bone, but the bone gives it an extra edginess because the bone leather is more daring. The ease of pairing them together shows they are meant to be (remember, grey and white fell in love over wine and a night out dancing).

We love the versatility of the color bone because it’s a fantastic neutral and pairs with countless pieces. It’s perfect for the spring/summer when colors are softer, fabrics are lighter, and you don’t want to carry a large black bag.

Lastly, a question we often get asked is how to keep the bone bag clean. The beauty with leather is that it patinas over time so it only rains more character with normal use. Pa-what!? This means that it develops a soft sheen and natural weathered look, which is the hallmark of a high-quality genuine leather bag. It gives character and personality. A bone-colored leather bag is no different.

As a helpful storage method, we provide a dust cover for protection as well as special care instructions. If you aren’t comfortable sealing or cleaning your bag yourself, then a shoe/bag repair shop can help with that.

To shop our the bone-colored bags in our collection, check out the:

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