Last week you may have read about founder Laurie King’s experience starting the fashion brand, Ilene King. If you recall, it all conspired during a night out with her girlfriends over pitchers of sangria when it hit her that after years of making bags and accessories for herself, it was time to do it on a larger scale. ‘Carpe Noctem!’ as they say.

As an ode to that special night, some of the first bags in the collection were the Brixton Crossbody & Clutch, the Pixie Clutch, and the Shin Wallet Clutch in… you guessed it, sangria!

But, beyond the nostalgia of that special night, we certainly have a love of sangria. Hear us out…

To cover the basics, let’s review that sangria is a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices (yes, we’ll have one now too, please!). Interestingly enough, it comes from the Spanish word that literally means ‘bleeding.’ So, we naturally imagine a deep red color.

Since we’re on the topic of vino, let’s quickly mention Marsala, another popular red color (and also delicious dessert wine). It was actually named the Pantone Color of the Year in 2015. When creating the Brixton Bag, the Pixie Clutch, and the Shin Wallet Clutch we felt that the earthy warmth of marsala was a bit reserved for what we envisioned for it in sangria. The little extra purple ‘pop’ in sangria gives the bag a very lively element.

Okay, enough color history. Let’s get to some fashion advice.


Best time of year
Sangria is a classic summer refreshment, so we feel spring / summer is the perfect time to rock this color. Which means, now! Sun’s out, fun’s out, right? We believe this color screams ‘fun!’

Best outfits
Sangria is surprisingly universal and pairs so effortlessly with neutrals like cream, white, tan and soft pinks. It also does well with darker tones like navy, black, and gray. Laurie says, ‘If you’re like me and wear mostly black or gray (aka my ‘summer black’), then it works well with that too!’ It adds a lovely pop of color to just about any outfit.’

Best occasions
We love transitioning the sangria bag to fit almost all occasions! You don’t need to wait to doll up. It can go from work day to weekend and from day to night. It coordinates perfect with a patterned sundress that you wear casually during the day, then it can be the pop of color you want when out on the town with friends sporting a more sophisticated look.

Sangria no’s
Girl, you can rock this bag wearing prison stripes! We like to believe there are no ‘rules.’ If it feels right to you and makes you feel confident, then go with it!

If you’ve fallen in love with sangria as much as we have and are feeling called to add it to your wardrobe this season, check out the Brixton Crossbody & Clutch, the Pixie Clutch, and the Shin Wallet Clutch.

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