There is nothing better than a photoshoot. Truth be told it’s not glamorous behind the scenes at all, but for some reason I really love the process. Even when it involves the grunt work like vacuuming an old sofa that came out of a barn, literally, so it will be clean for the model to lay on.

It has to do with the teamwork of everyone working together for the common goal…a beautiful shot. All of the effort that goes in, all of the people involved, it is all worth it when you capture that one perfect shot. Unfortunately for you, my sweet readers, you do not get to see the final images just yet. I must make you wait. I know, I’m evil. In the meantime, I do have something for you. A behind the scenes look at the process and all of the silliness that takes place. Ok, ok, yes, this is the real reason I like photoshoots. Enjoy!