Got a date coming up? We’ve got you covered.

Katie from The Fashion Speak Blog is a Style Consultant based in Chicago and she’s sharing her latest look featuring the Ilene King Shin Wallet Clutch in Bone.



Katie’s ‘style strategy:’

▷ She was going for classy yet sexy vibe
▷ She paired the dress and the clutch because the white in the clutch stood out against the mostly black outfit and matched the white print in the skirt giving it a warm weather feel
▷ She wanted to add a fun pop of color so went with a yellow heel



Things we love about Katie’s look:

▷ It’s the perfect mix of sexy yet playful
▷ We love how she took a risk mixing and matching textures — the lace mixed with the silk mixed with leather totally works!
▷ The way she tied in patterns is so fun! The marble-type skirt is a fun pairing with the snake skin in the clutch
▷ Of course, her innovative use of black and white with the pop of yellow is so unique!



Katie is such an #IleneKingBabe. She exudes what it means to be rebellious at heart yet conventional when necessary. We hope her style inspires you for your next date night look!

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