Check out this doll, NY lifestyle blogger Andrea Simone of Styled.bysimone!

Recently, we got a most welcomed email from Andrea inquiring about our Kora earrings. She said they caught her eye! We couldn’t have been more flattered.

The following photos show this photogenic fashionista rocking our Kora earrings during a fashion shoot in the Hamptons. How good do our Kora earrings look on her?!

In Andrea’s blog following the photo shoot we were again flattered to read that she wrote: “ I’m naming [Ilene King’s] earrings one of my new favorite pieces to wear with a casual or upscale outfit.”

Well, Andrea, we are naming YOU one to watch for fashion inspiration! Not just because you made our earrings look amazing, but because you are a proven talent for finding unique items and pairing them perfectly to make a complete look!

Andrea started blogging to simply share her fashion trends, thoughts, and advice with Long Islanders, but people can’t seem to get enough of her! People from all over the world now look to Andrea for fashion advice, and follow her on social media and on her website.

Commenting on her recent fashion trends, she says, “My style has evolved, I really enjoy posting in my more recent outfits.”

Look out for more cool tips from this fashion beauty! Visiting her website now for more information and fashion tips: