John Malkovich’s newest expedition into the fashion world is nothing less than inspiring. As people are often prone to do, they have berated the actor turned designer with numerous questions. The one that seemed to be on everyone’s mind: how is the world going to respond to fashion designer John Malkovich?

In a short film that coincides with the release of his new collection, Malkovich responds: “Sometimes when you’re know for one thing, then it’s hard for people to suppose… So what? Now I have to justify my life to them? I don’t really care how they take me. They can take me how I am or not at all.”

The message is strong in this short film, that you should be true to yourself no matter what others think. The title of the film, and the last line: “Make your next move, make it beautiful.”

Watch “Make Your Move” Here:

One of our other favorite quotes coming from the fashion designer John Malkovich (this one on his website) is: “Fashion is about putting something together, and defining and transporting yourself. It’s about being bold and discreet at the same time. Above all, it’s about focusing on what you want and not worrying about what others expect you to be.”

Malkovich explains that he has been the figure in other people’s dreams for a long time. Now, he says he is interested in making his own figures and making his own dreams.

We think this is quite beautiful. Don’t you?

John Malkovich and the Fashion World

To some, it might be surprising to learn that Malkovich is even remotely interested in the fashion world. Those close to him know better.

Malkovich has had a few go-arounds in the design world. His first real break-away (or break-in) attempt was in 2000, when he launched his eponymous line. Then, in 2011, his brand Technobohemian debuted. This newest design effort seems full of new levels of ambition, however. He launched the collection with Squarespace and his designs are available for the masses to purchase on his website and select stores.

Malkovich describes his new line as “elegant, discreet, and with interesting details.” To see more of his designs, visit his site. There you will find his lookbooks to his newest collection. There is a whimsical feel to his designs, and they are accentuated with unique details. We are very excited to see what’s to come!

fashion designer John Malkovich

“I never made my life about what other people thought about me, about what I should do or what I shouldn’t do.” Fashion designer John Malkovich

Samples of John Malkovich’s New Line

fashion designer John Malkovich

“If I direct a play, I don’t want to direct somebody else’s production. I may love their production, but I have to direct my own.” Fashion Designer John Malkovich

fashion designer John Malkovich

“That’s all we have, is our view of the world and our style, in that style is the only constant in life.” Fashion Designer John Malkovich

fashion designer John Malkovich

“Everything I ever did was a gamble.” Fashion Designer John Malkovich

fashion designer John Malkovich

On designing his own clothes: “I can’t imagine not wanting to do that,” he told Vanity Fair over the phone. From drawing the sketches to choosing the fabrics, it’s all Malkovich, he explained. “That’s the kind of interesting part of the job, like drawing. Why would you want somebody else to do it?”

fashion designer John Malkovich

”I don’t really care how they take me. They can take me how I am or not at all.” Fashion Designer John Malkovich