According to Pantone, this Fall is all about confidence and complexity. Can you guess what colors are popping up then? Yup, it’s mostly blues along with some strong earth tone colors like red, beige, green, mustard, and pinkish purples to help anchor your outfits.

Pantone is right though. Calming blues are definitely making an appearance in fashion shows this year. Just take a look at Lacoste, Sonia Rykiel, and Michael Kors to see what I’m talking about.

In the past, more traditional colors like oxblood have dominated fashion, so seeing some blue and blacks this year is a welcome surprise.

How to Embrace the Trend

You can celebrate the dark, moody looks you can see in the Sonia Rykiel collection, for example, with the Annora Tote. Complete your look with these leather Kora Tribal Earrings and the Curved Open Ring.

ilene king autumn accessories

Complement a blue trench coat or your navy heels with the Fiera Triangle Clutch in black and snake skin. We love the rock and roll vibe this one gives off. Plus, you can add a little contrast with our gold logo stud earrings!

fall 2016 color trends

Whichever way you choose to embrace the Fall trends, if you even choose to, we know it’s going to look awesome. What do you think? How would you accessorize with these trendy colors? We’d love to know in the comments guys!