Over the past week, the Ilene King team got to produce two amazing photo shoots to capture images for our new Fall 2017 collection (available soon!).

Each shoot took about half a day and (it’s true what they say) ‘took a village.’ We want to share some behind-the-scenes moments with you, and give you the inside scoop on how our photo shoots come to life, which are lead by the visionary behind the brand, Laurie King.

The Collection
For Fall 2017 you can expect a revamp of a few of our signature bags. They are back in gorgeous new color-ways! There are also completely new silhouettes in the collection; we used trapunto and suede pattern detailing to spice things up. Tra-what? Trapunto… it’s basically a quilting technique that adds dimension giving the bag a stuffed look. We like to think it resembles a motorcycle jacket.

Who the F*ck is Ilene King shirt

The Inspiration
The design of the bags are the true inspiration for our shoots. Specifically, the Fall 2017 collection has moto-style (as in motorcycle) totes and paint splatter suede detailing, so the theme of the entire photo shoot was an elegant-yet-rocker-chic vibe.

Laurie King styling Annora Tote Fall 2017 Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot

The Process
For each collection, Laurie takes the theme and builds mood boards around the concept to keep track of ideas for styling, hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. The goal is to make it fun and on brand, so she takes elements of images on the mood boards and comes up with a clever ways to express it that are in line with the Ilene King brand and overall theme.

A good example of this is the ‘will work for handbags’ sign. The inspiration for this came from a sign that read something different that was more high fashion and beauty-themed. It was adopted to be more of a fit for the message the collection portrays.

Shaina Will Work 4 Handbags sign

The Vision
For the elegant-yet-rocker-chic vibe, we used both a studio environment and outdoors to bring to life the looks. The controlled environment of a studio allows us to get the sharper, more glossy images where we can get the hair, makeup, pose, lighting, accessories, jewelry and angle of the bags just right. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary for our perfectionist side to come out and obsess over the details. We loose count on how many times we have to tuck in a tag or fix a tassel!

We also love outdoor environments where we have less control over lighting and (let’s be honest) blowing hair in the wind, but that’s the beauty of it! This gives us an unstructured more free-spirited vibe, but the uncertainty and unpredictable nature of an outdoor shoot makes them super fun.

Laurie King styling Shaina model black Brixton Crossbody new

The Unseen
Most people might think that photo shoots are more glamorous than they really are, because all they see is the final result. What really happens behind-the-scenes is a lot of taping or safety-pinning things together, strapping things in, or propping things up. Yes, we use water glasses to lean bags against so they don’t fall, and dig up tiny film boxes to prop bags up just an inch higher.

The Joy
We love doing what it takes to get the best shot! We really have a love for photo shoots! As Laurie puts it,

‘I could do photos shoots all day, every day! It takes a lot of work, but seeing everything come together in that one perfect image is really rewarding.’

Laurie and Trent King doing sleeve tattoo photo shoot of bag.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of Fall 2017. Coming soon!